1. In a stressful situation, I calm myself and refocus

2. I process negative or painful feelings like sadness, fear, and anger

3. It is not important for me what others think about me

4. I think of constructive criticism as a gift

5. I recover from failures and setbacks and don’t lose focus on my goals

6. I respect others’ opinions, but not afraid to express my own

7. I don't give up easily on my life and professional goals

8. I tend to bounce back quickly after experiencing hardship/s

9. I easily let go of negative comments about me

10. I'm a good listener

11. I am empathetic

12. I am a positive thinker

13. I am optimistic

14. I adapt quickly to new developments

15. I'm curious. I ask questions and learn from my own as well as others experience

How resilient are you?
High Resilience
Your score indicates that you are a very resilient individual. You are able to bounce back easily from a variety of trying situations and get on with your life. You possess the characteristics of flexibility, self-confidence and optimism. You avoid taking things personally and are able to put troubles in perspective. Keep it up!
Mid to high resilience
You deal with difficult situations better than most. You are on a constant learning curve and trying to become a better version of yourself with each passing day.
Average resilience
You are somewhat resilient, but there are times when life's blows get you down. This is understandable; resilience, after all, is a changing, dynamic quality that can really be put to the test during particularly difficult tribulations. The good news is that since you have, at certain times, shown that you do possess the overall qualities of resilience, you should be able to develop better coping strategies with effort and awareness.
Low to mid resilience
Once in a while you show optimism and resilience and are able to get through tough situations but most times you struggle with negative emotions on facing a difficult situation. Seeking professional guidance might help you in dealing with situations in a more resilient manner.
Low resilience
: According to your score on your test, life's blows tend to knock you down. Usually, you have a difficulty coping with both day-to-day and life-altering problems. The good news, however, is that you can learn and practice the skills that will better prepare you for life's trials and tribulations. Seek professional guidance to develop some strategies for coping with stress and build a stronger support network.