Psychotherapy is also known as counselling or simply therapy. As a registered psychotherapist, my aim is to help clients work through psychological difficulties and manage symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, school or work-related issues, and relationship issues.

In a trusting, supportive and confidential environment, clients will learn about their moods, feelings, thoughts and behavioural patterns. Through insight and working through of issues, they will access and explore emotions, focus on interpersonal relations, learn to challenge thinking patterns, change behaviour and manage life transitions more successfully. We will work to link the past to the present in order to help gain an understanding of recurring themes and patterns, which the client may not be aware of. I work collaboratively with the client to create an active, professional partnership.

I practice an integrative approach to psychotherapy, combining ideas and strategies from more than one theoretical approach in order to respond appropriately and effectively to the client’s unique self.

Psychotherapy services are delivered in-person in my midtown Toronto office, over the telephone, or over Skype.

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.

Making your own unknown known is the important thing –

and keeping the unknown always behind you”

-Georgia O’Keeffe