Supportive Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic therapy may from time to time involve supportive psychotherapy. This approach helps clients deal with their emotional distress and problems in living.

It includes comforting, advising, encouraging, reassuring, and mostly listening, attentively and empathically. The therapist provides an emotional outlet, the chance for clients to express themselves and be themselves. The therapist usually encourages clients to expand his or her interests in the world by making friends, or by going to school or to work.

She conveys implicitly to the client an ideology about the way that life can be led. She maybe active and involved, speak openly. She may speak of her own life in order to demonstrate a point.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic therapy is similar to psychoanalytic therapy in that it is an in-depth form of talk therapy based on the theories and principles of psychoanalysis. Psychodynamic therapy is focused on the client’s relationship with his or her internal world along with the client-therapist relationship.

Psychotherapy during COVID

In these difficult times, your mental health is essential.