Coaching for Individuals: Leadership

“Leadership is not simply something we do. It comes from somewhere inside us. Leadership is a process, an intimate expression of who we are. It is our being in action.”
~ Kevin Cashman, author of Leadership from Inside Out

Regardless of the domain in some areas of our lives, we are leaders. We may lead in our work, in our families, or in our communities. Erika believes that leadership comes from a process of holding yourself as a leader and acting from your centre. She guides clients to lead their lives rather than react to it.

What does it take to become an outstanding leader? One of the foundations of great leadership is the advice of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates: “Know thyself.” Erika focuses on guiding clients toward a deeper understanding of themselves, particularly in the areas of values and strengths. Through this process, clients will become aware of their inner critic and will learn to enhance their emotional intelligence. Leaders who have developed a deeper understanding of themselves are better equipped to motivate others. They are able to inspire employee loyalty and encourage the development of skills and talent in others.