Coaching for Teams: Leadership Development

What would it take for you to become an outstanding leader?

The foundation of great leadership is understanding ourselves. This one-day interactive and motivational leadership workshop focus on learning what it is that we value, what brings us fulfillment, and what strengths we have to rely on in challenging times.

In this one-day workshop, you will expand your leadership competency by learning to:

  • View your leadership style from a new platform of self-awareness
  • Be your own best mentor
  • Recognize which signature strengths you can rely on
  • Manage your own inner critic
  • Have confidence in your intuition
  • Listen better

Those leaders who are committed to making a difference in their own lives, and in the effectiveness and well-being of the individuals and teams they lead in the corporate environment, will find this workshop powerful and invigorating.

Erika Engel and Shirley Dawe have joined together to offer this exciting and valuable leadership workshop. Shirley Dawe has more than three decades of business experience as a senior executive, consultant, and corporate director. Building on their extensive personal and professional experience and commitment to facilitating growth in the lives of others, Erika and Shirley have delivered this workshop across Canada, to enthusiastic reviews.

Here is what participants have said about the workshop:

“Thank you for a fabulous workshop! I am excited to be more aware of my inner critic, my core strengths, and what I value. I look forward to implementing the tools you and Shirley were able to impart.”

“Great session. Excellent topics.”

“Fantastic! I loved like the openness of dialogue and the facilitation.”

“Well done – incredible, insightful and well-designed. Thank you!”

“Erika and Shirley are both very engaging people who both speak very eloquently. They made this an extremely enjoyable workshop.”

“Thank you for your insight and expertise. It is inspiring to meet women who are successful and happy.”