Coaching for Individuals: Undergraduate Students

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
~ Robert Frost.

As an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University of Toronto, Erika understands that each student experiences their own set of unique challenges and adjustments during their undergraduate course of study. The challenge is to find your own voice, your own path and find out who you are. Erika offers guidance in this period of turbulence and transition by: providing support and advice to both students and parents; assisting in dealing with academic expectations and concerns; helping to maintain a balanced academic-social life; identifying strengths; and fostering a positive sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Erika’s counselling expertise provides the opportunity to work through issues common for undergraduate students such as the fear of failure, dealing with new and tempting distractions or feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Coaching sessions take place in a comfortable and confidential environment where Erika will be there to support, advise and mentor you.

Typical undergraduate issues Erika deals with include:

  • Asserting a sense of self by defining your academic purpose, goals and parameters.
  • Offering strategic advice on your academic choices, such as major, minor, and course selection.
  • Establishing a personalized organization structure for you, including work initiation strategies, study routines, time management, and prioritizing schemes.
  • Improving your communication and interpersonal skills to help you keep your commitments, meet various expectations, be accountable for your actions, and appropriately follow-up.
  • Giving you advice on how to maintain academic-life balance, including self-care.
  • Implementing a job search strategy, including resume, interview, and portfolio preparation.