Sending your son or daughter off to university is one of the biggest transitions of parenthood.

  • You may feel a sense of loss, an inner void, becoming tearful unexpectedly.
  • You may feel alone and have difficulty finding support.
  • You may have feelings of redundancy, unsure of the future.

It is a personal struggle to come to terms with your own feelings of loss and change. Even the most independent parents and professionals experience these feelings.

You are not alone.

Erika understands from personal experience how difficult this time can be and has the ability to offer positive tools to help you through this transition. In a trustful and confidential environment, she offers individual counseling, as well as facilitating peer-mentoring groups for schools such as ‘Mothers’ Wisdom’ for Upper Canada College.

Testimonials from current participants:

“All mothers who’ve sent their first child off to college will agree that it changes the rhythm and pace of life completely. As with any change, but more so when it has to do with our children, it is a big adjustment. Your program allowed me to meet mothers like myself who although different in many aspects are all so similar. The dialogue, exercises, tools and heartfelt conversations really helped and have led to beautiful new friendships that felt so effortless and right. I have learnt so much from each mom, and I know they will hold a special place in my heart and life for many, many years to come. Thank you Erika!”
-Shaina K (UCC Parent)

“I found the experience to be quite helpful. We were all able, I believe, to better clarify the next steps for our transitioning families as well as our own changing personal objectives, both short and long term. It was also quite helpful to see how other parents were experiencing the change in their lives, not only internally but also in very concrete ways. The protocol Erika uses is advantageous, especially in the way that it can tap into the relevant issues. In addition, she is a highly competent facilitator.”
-Shelley Z, M.S.W., C.S.W. (UCC Parent)

“While I was reading about this wonderful plan, I was much impressed by your surprising idea and generous mind to share the common feelings of loss. My son came to UCC in Year 1 as a boarder, and I came to Toronto to look after him in his IBI days. Now I came back to live in Korea, and my son went to University in the United States ten days ago. He is the only one kid I have, so I miss him very much every day.”
-Sue K, (UCC Parent)